[Is grilled cold noodles instantaneously high]_ effect _ benefits

[Is grilled cold noodles instantaneously high]_ effect _ benefits

Cold noodles are actually a relatively low amount of food. Cold noodles are mainly flour, which is rich in carbohydrates.Because the roasted cold noodles are processed at the high temperature of the Forbidden City, it is instantly much higher than the ordinary cold noodles. Therefore, people who want to lose weight should eat less roasted cold noodles.

Although the grilled cold noodles are delicious, the protein content in them is relatively high due to the ingredients in them, which makes some people unfit for eating.

1. Not suitable for patients with kidney disease.

2. Not suitable for patients with high fever.

3, Hepatitis patients should not eat.

4. Not suitable for primipara.

5, protein allergies should not eat.

If you eat more cold noodles, you will get angry.

There is an old saying that “fragrant should be avoided”, and the more fragrant things should quit.

Toasted cold noodles smells fragrant, and tastes crispy and delicious.

However, due to the process of high-temperature frying, eating more roasted cold noodles can easily lead to the human body getting angry, causing complications such as oral ulcers.

Although the roasted cold noodles are rich in nutritional value, eating more roasted cold noodles will not only get angry, but also cause the body to gain weight.

Believe this, it will make many thin beauties reject its temptation.

In addition, eating too much cold noodles can also cause acne. Women who want to improve their acne muscles should pay attention to it and stay away from fried foods such as cold noodles.

How to make cold noodles Ingredients: Main ingredients: 1 sheet of cold noodles: 1 egg seasoning: appropriate amount of vinegar, appropriate amount of shallots, appropriate amount of garlic, appropriate amount of vegetable oil, appropriate amount of water, cumin seasoning, small amount of curry powder, appropriate amount of hot sauce, appropriate amount of coriander Production method: 1. Brush the oil on the pan, heat it, then pour the cold noodles, take 1 egg, stir well, then sprinkle on the cold noodles to bake the cold noodles.

2. Fry the cold noodles until the eggs are solidified.

3. At this time, you need to brush the cold noodles with water and vinegar to prevent them from being dried and hardened. In order to have a barbecue flavor, you can sprinkle cumin and curry powder on the cold noodles.

Then smear the garlic sauce, sprinkle with green onions, and coriander.

5. Serve the cold noodles and cut with a kitchen knife. Serve on the plate.

It takes only 15 minutes to make a crispy and delicious, grilled cold noodles overflowing with the four corners, so that the babies in the south can also try this delicious flavor from the north.