[How about yam kudzu root tablets]_Yam kudzu root tablets_certain_effect

[How about yam kudzu root tablets]_Yam kudzu root tablets_certain_effect

With the people’s pursuit of health, some Chinese medicinal materials have become more and more aware that Pueraria is a common Chinese medicinal material, which has gradually entered many people’s homes and has become a good health medicine. In fact, Pueraria has many effects.So how about the effect of Yam Pueraria tablets?

How is Yam Gegen Tablets? Yam Gegen Tablets treatment principle: Cytokines extracted from a variety of Chinese medicinal materials directly act on starch, change molecular weight of cell activity, stimulate the function of peptides secreted by cells, repair and enhance micron cell functions.

Cytokines are annihilated in phosphoric acid to produce islet high-energy biological factors, which increases the amount of oxygen supplied, accelerates the metabolism of phosphate cells, activates the cells, improves and restores the normal secretion function of insulin.

All organs in the human body must obtain a stable energy in order to maintain their coordinated functional activities. Reduced granular activity can reduce the function of other visceral tissues and cause many complications of diabetes. Six characteristics of yam kudzu tablets for treating diabetes: 1. Quickly reduce blood sugar, with significant curative effect.

2. Exhaust the guide island heat poison and activate the guide island cells.

3. Repair the guide island and promote the secretion function of the guide island.

4. Restore predictive vascular function and prevent complications.

5. Improve microcirculation and improve human immunity.

6, green, natural, scientific formula, no substitute for safety.