[Encyclopedia of Noodle Practice for Infants and Toddlers]_ Noodles _ Home Practices _ Production Methods

[Encyclopedia of Noodle Practice for Infants and Toddlers]_ Noodles _ Home Practices _ Production Methods

Noodles are a very common food. There are many kinds of noodles eaten by adults, but if the noodles are to be eaten by infants, they must be particular about the way they are made.How to make baby noodles?

1. Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Noodle Practice: 2 tomatoes, 300 grams of beef, olive oil, rice wine, spring onion, tomato sauce, flour, egg yolk and water.

2 Knead until smooth and flared for an hour.

Knead for a while and burst your hair for about half an hour.

3 Wash and shred the beef, drain, and mix with rice wine.

4 Add egg whites and marinate for ten minutes.

5 pans, stir fry beef.

6 Add tomato sauce.

Second, noodles for baby food 1.

Get ready for a broccoli 2.

One shiitake mushroom 3.

Two little tomatoes 4.

Chopped small tomatoes 5

Separate as much as possible.

Ready for baby to eat noodles 7.

Shrimps can be chopped in advance for a while8.

Chopped into a pan and add water 9.

Put the induction cooker directly on the high heat for five minutes and simmer for a few minutes.

Just add a little sesame oil and you can eat three, mixed sauce noodles: 500 grams of semi-fat lean minced meat, 1 bag of Liubiju yellow sauce, 150 ml of water, 1 Beijing spring onion, 1 spoon of old soy sauce, 200 g of green bean sprouts, and 1 cucumber, The right amount of noodles, the right amount of garlic, the right amount of vinegar: 1. Pour the old soy sauce and yellow sauce into a large bowl, then add 150 ml of water to mix slowly with chopsticks; cut the Beijing onions into finely chopped spares, and pour into the wok.Heat more oil than stir-fry. Add oil and stir-fry for half a minute, then stir-fry with minced meat until it becomes discolored, then pour in the mixed yellow sauce and slowly fry for 78 minutes with minimal heat.3. Add the washed mung bean sprouts to boiling water and blanch them immediately; remove the cucumbers and cut them into shreds; cut the garlic into minced garlic for use. 4. Boil the water that has been blanched with mung bean sprouts and cook them in noodles, thenTake out the noodles and dip them in cold water. Then, put them in a bowl5. Finally, clamp the green bean sprouts and cucumber shreds onto the noodles, and then put in 1 spoon of fried fried minced garlic, and then pour in the vinegar and mix well.
4. Tomato and egg noodle materials: noodles, tomatoes, eggs, salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, ginger slices Method: 1. Wash and slice two tomatoes, mash two eggs, add salt to the egg liquid, and chop one ginger slice; 2, put oil in the pot, oil heat, pour the egg liquid into frying eggs and serve; 3, put another oil, heat the oil and smash the ginger, pour the tomatoes and stir-fry, wait until the tomatoes are out of waterPour in the same fry for a while (you can add a little white sugar, if the tomatoes are too sour, but only add a little bit); 4, then add water to boil the taste (water can be slightly more than when making soup).

You can cook it for about five minutes, then pour it into a noodle bowl, add salt (more salt), MSG, and sesame oil.

5. Put another pot of boiled noodles into the noodles bowl. Put the noodles into the tomato soup bowl and sprinkle with chives.